Academic writing skills in ielts writing

Many people are worried about their grammar but, as you can see, grammar is only one section of four used to grade your writing.

Some questions will be extremely difficult so you should concentrate first on the questions that are easiest for you to answer. Is there a point till when the trend was increasing or decreasing? Know what key information, comparisons and trends to look out for.

The question asks whether or not you believe whether societies should use capital punishment. Your answer should give a balanced view of both parts of this question.

6 ways to improve your writing skills for IELTS

The question wants you to produce an essay. Paragraph 3 Where your paragraph divisions should occur. Paragraph 2 How to divide your paragraphing.


Use of slangs is strictly forbidden. Be careful to avoid a comma splice. All the conclusion needs is three or four strong sentences, which do not need to follow any set formula.

The question asks whether or not you believe whether societies should use capital punishment. How much you produce on each part depends on how important you think it is.


There are alternative punishments available. It wants to know if you believe that society should use capital punishment cp and it also wants to know if you can offer any alternatives to capital punishment. Quickly and clearly answer the question, making your attitude plain.

How do the segments compare with each other? The percentage of students who live on campus has fallen sharply since the fire. Here is my brief plan for the essay. You should aim to have 3 or 4 paragraphs plus the introduction and conclusion. Writing more than the minimum under the time limit requires practice on proper questions from IELTS practice tests.An IELTS writing guide with resources to help candidates with task 1 reports and task 2 essays.

IELTS Reading overview.

IELTS Sample Charts (IELTS Writing Task 1)

The three passages in the IELTS Reading module deal with a range of academic subjects: one may be about ancient history, another about astronomy, another about advertising techniques, and so on.

There are two types of the IELTS test: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.


Listening and Speaking are the same for both tests, but the subject matter of the Reading and Writing components differs depending on which test you take. In Academic Task 2 of the Writing module, you are given brief details of an opinion, an argument or a problem, and have to produce an extended piece of discursive writing in response.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 is one of two writing tasks on the IELTS, which most students find to be more challenging. This guide will help you master IELTS Writing skills with how to organize your essay for IELTS Writing Task 2, the question types you'll see.

Practice tests, sample answers and skills training for IELTS, the gateway to global education.

Academic writing skills in ielts writing
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