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If different concentrations of iodine are added the colors will differ from each other and will no longer be useful as their colors are affected by the amount of iodine present.

An Investigation into the Effect of Varying pH on Enzyme Activity Essay

Sucrase activity increases with increasing sucrose concentration until a plateau is reached. So what actually happened in the experiment was the casein fitted into the active site by any of the mentioned hypotheses and the enzyme hydrolysed the peptide bonds that held the casein together breaking it into amino acids making the solution go clearer therefore letting more light through.

The shape of the enzyme where the chemical binds only allows the binding of that particular chemical, or inhibitor substrates that are structually similar to the substrate, competing for the active site. Enzymes are able to speed up reactions and can repeat reactions.

Temperature increases the rate of reaction as there is more kinetic energy given to the enzyme so it moves around faster increasing the chance of a successful enzyme-substrate collision. The trypsin is a enzyme so referred to as a globular protein and consists of chains that are folded over to make a three-dimensional shape and give its specific shape which in turn shapes the active site Therefore, at lower pHs of the experiment, the rate of reaction was not as quick as the pH was far from the optimum pH what the pH works at best.

This means that the enzymes cannot function properly if the temperatures they are exposed too is too high or too low.

Investigating Enzymes Essay Sample

Once it has reached room temperature add 10 ml of the isotonic solution of pH 2 to a petri dish and then soak the potato slice in it for 5 minutes the potato piece must be completely submerged. The more oxygen released by the reaction the higher the enzyme activity was assumed to be, as more of the product was released in the Since all the samples will be compared to each other it is critical that the same concentration of iodine is used each time.

However, an anomaly was found as it can be seen in figure 5. After 5 minutes soaking remove the potato and place it on a clean petri dish.

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It is possible for enzymes to involve themselves in the manufacturing of the cell wall. This can lead to altered protein recognition or an enzyme might become inactive.

These could be a helical shape DNA or a beta-pleated sheet. This expermient with present various Other Popular Essays. In order to determine how fast a reaction is occurring there must be a basis for measurement.

Investigating Enzymes

Since all the samples will be compared to each other it is critical that the same concentration of iodine is used each time.

Now repeat the experiment 20 times for each pH in order to establish enough data so that an average value can be taken and so a more accurate graph can be produced.

The process consists of a series ofEnzymes are globular proteins which act as biological catalysts. A catalyst is a molecule which speeds up reactions without being used up itself. All globular proteins have a tertiary structure, which makes them very easily altered by pH and temperature.

Investigating Enzyme Activity Essay

Also investigating how different factors affect the rate of reaction with the enzymes like the change of temperature or the concentration (instead of 2% protease) would be considered to illustrate the characteristics of enzymes. An Investigation of the Effects of Temperature on the Rates of Reaction of Enzyme Activity Enzymes are important protein macromolecules that act as biological catalysts that catalyse biochemical reactions and speed up reaction rates inside the living systems of plant and animal cells.

Investigating Enzymes Essay Sample

Free Essay: Investigating the Effect of Lipase Concentration on the Breakdown of Fat in Milk INTRODUCTION: Enzymes are proteins which can catalyse chemical. Essay about Investigating Enzyme Activity - Investigating Enzyme Activity Aim: To investigate how the concentration of hydrogen peroxide effects the rate of reaction of an enzyme (catalase) Variables: These factors could effect the rate of reaction on an enzyme: · pH · Concentration · Temperature · Surface Area pH - Enzymes function at different pH values.

Investigating Enzymes Essay Sample Aim: The aim of the experiment was to investigate the effect of the enzyme bromeline on gelatins ability to form a mass, and how temperature also can have an affect on this particular process.

Investigating enzymes essay
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