Writing alternate universe fanfiction

Both gangs can enjoy drinking and gambling at bars and taverns, and both gangs consider themselves outlaws with their own set of codes. Perhaps we could try taking Frodo out of the Shire and placing him in a modern 21st Century world where the voices in his head encourage him to do evil things without him realising the thoughts come from the ring on his finger.

Those you could call Alternate Universes in the narrow sense. Can these events take place in a different setting?

That was what I was focused on when I said that in that case, if it was only very loosely inspired by a certain movie, it would qualify as "pastiche. The only thing they have in common is the basic principle of deliberate changes to the source.

How to Write Fanfiction

For example, a universe was created when the character Toa Tuyet betrayed the city of Metru Nui and was defeated; in the alternative universe, Tuyet is aided by her comrade, Toa Nidhiki, and takes over Metru Nui.

I am not quite sure about that. He acts and talks just the way you'd expect Sherlock Holmes to do. For example, Britain and Russia are still fighting the Crimean War in You can make completely different backgrounds for the canon characters, create different adventures for them, give them new villains to interact with, or new love interests!

The senses are what makes TS interesting and different, and, as explained above, are a core element that constitutes the series. The hero Niels Klim slips into a cave and reaches Nazar, a planet inside the hollow Earth, where societies and beings represent satirical comments to existing contemporary ones.

Even the place where the "comic's characters" live is completely different. One example notable[ by whom? Witherspoon does that quite successfully in her Supernatural and GatesOfHell series.


Another example of a subgenre of the alternative timeline story is called a "do-over fic", similar to "fix-it fics" in which consequences of an event are undone, but in do-over fics particularly the entire story is reset to the beginning, and the author creates an alternate timeline that diverges from the original canon of the work.

In the Babylon 5 fanfic "A Dark, Distorted Mirror" by Gareth Williams, the alien ambassador Delenn chooses a different pilot—not Jeffrey Sinclaira crucial contributor to both the battle and fictional universe as a whole—to bring aboard a Minbari warship during the final battle in the war between the Minbari and Earth.

An example for this is Jungles of Peru by Jaguar. As the story develops, the world of fiction also emerges as another parallel universe and the characters learn how to move between them. I would say that is not fanfiction at all but a new category similar to another category. Fanfic or original fic writers, all are welcome.

However there are ways to get new and interesting looks on canon characters and universe by this. A change to a fundamental universe rule: The core divergence from canon is supposed to let Jim Ellison be more accepting of his sentinel senses, not to struggle against them as he does in canon.

Community Writers Anonymous Writers, come in. The author notes that they want Sirius Black to live but do not want to resort to bringing him back from the dead.

Writing AU fics gives you the freedom to explore virtually anything, while dismissing certain aspects of the original story. The anime, manga, and video game series Higurashi no Naku Koro ni as well as its spin-offs focuses on AU arcs and alternative settings to reveal the secrets of the village named Hinamizawa.

This gives you the scope to be able to create confrontations or friendships that would not otherwise be explored.Avoiding Mistakes in Fanfiction Writing: A Beginner's Guide by Valis2 then by all means take the letters AU and apply them soundly to the description of your fanfiction.

AU stands for Alternate Universe, and that is where you can invent all sorts of unique scenarios. Draco Malfoy in "The Prince and The Pauper". The Problems of Alternate Universe Fanfiction · pm May 16th, Having spent some time on FiMFiction reviewing stories for several groups (Story Standards, Blunt Reviews, and Rage Reviews), I see a lot of tag abuse, mostly overuse of genre tags, conflicting genre tags, and so on.

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In Link's Awakening there exists a kind of alternate universe inside the unconscious, dream state mind of the Wind Fish. There is also a parallel universe in Phantom Hourglass simply called the "World of the Ocean King" by the spirits.

Writing alternate universe fanfiction
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